What do people say about Dance Productions?

I cannot describe how great it feels to be a part of the Dance Productions family! The girls love each other so much and love dancing! I wouldn't trade it for anything! Every year I am impressed once again with what Tami and Kassi can do with those girls on stage, and I know it will continue for years and years to come. 

Posted By: Jennifer Caudill

This will be my 4th year at dance productions and i love it.I have never been so in love with dance before. 

Posted By: Kailey Cambron

my sis had her dance recital June 19,2010 and it was awesome 

Posted By: Raeven Hill

My little girl is going to be seven, she has been dancing at Dance productions since she was three, she loves Dance Productions, her cousin Kirstyn who is now a dance instructor for 3 and 4 year olds has been instructed by Miss Tami and Miss Kassi since she was three years old, Dance Productions has always been like family to her and now I am happy to have my daughter as part of that family, she absolutely loves it. 

Posted By: Nina Pena

Kirstyn Torrence ROCKS.......GREAT WITH STUDENTS! 

Posted By: Josie Pena

dance productions rocks! it is like a second home to me. mrs. Tami,Miss Kassi and all the other instructors and students are so nice,it makes Dance Productions one of my favorite places to be. i started dancing at dance productions when it opened with two of my other freinds.i love dance productions!!!!!! 

Posted By: Ashley Calliham

the best dance studio on earth 

Posted By: charity rose

I love to dance and dance productions makes it even better. Mrs. Tami and Kassi are some of the nicest people and the best dancers you will ever meet. I've been at dance productions ever since it opened. I would say that Mrs. Tami, Kassi and everybody i have met and danced with are like family to me. I LOVE DANCE PRODUCTIONS!!!!!!!!! 

Posted By: abby dixon


Posted By: Whitney Rose

I do not even know where to begin. Miss Tami is absolutely more ways than one. She is such a talented dancer and an even more amazing person. She is always there for each and every one of her students. Dance Productions is such a great place, they are like a second family to me. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn from such wonderful people and teachers! 

Posted By: Kaitlyn Gahring

I was a student of Tami Richardson\'s for more than 20 years. I started at the age of 3 years old and now many years later I have the privilage to be teaching with her. Tami\'s choreography has always been creative and highly competitive. She always finds new ways to dazzle her audience and make her dancers show off their abilities. I love working at Dance Productions, it is like my second family. 

Posted By: Kathy Young

We had no intention of keeping our daughter in dance. We thought after a six months and a recital, our four year would not like it and she would move onto sports like her Daddy wanted. Boy were we wrong!! We have been with Tami and Kassi now since they opened and our daughter simply loves it. She can not get enough dance. Tami and Kassi turned our shy little girl into a confident dancer and performer. She has been competing for two years and loves it. They even thought at seven she was ready and able to do a solo. I never thought she would agree but she did and had so much fun. She even placed first this year and went to Nationals. To tell you how much she loves it, after Nationals in Galveston this summer we told her we could go to the beach or the water park. In doing so it was okay with us if she missed her dance class that afternoon. She turned down those beach activities to go back to dance. She didn\'t want to miss it! Dance Productions is like a family. Our daughter\'s best friends are some of those who she dances with. We are so happy to be a part of it and just can\'t wait to see what great things are still to come. 

Posted By: Jill Sock

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